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How Not to Approach Potential Corporate Sponsors Blog_lock

 by Gail Bower  |  23 Nov 2010 at 03:24 PM  |  2 Comments

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Three non-profit organizations with which I have no relationship sent me proposals not long ago to sponsor their events so that Bower & Co. could reach:

families and children;
North America's business leaders;
the fashion industry's elite.

The first thought that came to mind when I opened the envelopes and read these invitations was, in a word, "Huh?"

Bower & Co. Consulting LLC clients are non-p...

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Comments in reply to How Not to Approach Potential Corporate Sponsors:

  1. I am strongly agreed to Ms.Gail Bowers' statement as above. Sponsorship is not purely about "expensive" or "cheap".....or even the number of logo appeared on event site. It is mainly about the VALUE and the SOLUTIONS provided by the event(s) for its sponsor(s). While the quality of the events play an important factor, TRUST is a must between the event producers and its sponsors.

    Thanks Ms.Gail Bower for her valuable sharing.

  2. Yes, Steven, trust is essential. You don't get that from a direct mail or email solicitation! It takes relationship building and getting to know the other to build trust. Excellent point.

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