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ING NYC Marathon Activations Blog_lock

02 Nov 2009 at 10:34 AM  |  0 Comments

UPS delivers at the finish line

Back in 1970, the activation opportunities were pretty limited with only 55 runners finishing the first New York City Marathon. This year, the ING NYC Marathon expected 40,000 runners to cut a path across the five boroughs. Each year the opportunity, and expectations, gets bigger for the marathon's partners including ING, 4 New York (NBC affiliate), Asics, Foot Locker, Continental Airlines, The Rudin Family, Toyota, Timex and The New York Times. Feel free to email us your pictures/videos and we'll add them here. In the meantime, here's a sample of what our sponsor spotters saw yesterday:

Runner wraps get sponsors additional exposure throughout the city (this was taken near Bryant Park).

Poland Springs, the official bottled water of the ING NYC Marathon, at the finish line....


Links 10/30/2009 Blog_lock

30 Oct 2009 at 05:18 PM  |  0 Comments

A Street Musician With a Sponsor - AxeNew Visa London 2012 campaign offers consumers the chance to win a Visa pre-paid card worth £2012.Magic City flush with sponsors
What's that Brand Doing in My Show?G3 National College Tour Kicks Off with Best Buy & EAMake the Most of Your Advertising DollarsCitizens Bank Basks in the Glow of Phillies' SuccessLG Dips Out as Surfing SponsorAdvance Auto will not renew sponsorship of NHRA driverUS Club Soccer announces sponsorship with Cuties California MandarinsHoneywell Consumer Products Group (Prestone & FRAM) Extends NHRA SponsorshipSpongeTech signs sponsorship with Charlotte BobcatsIs BP walking from FLW?


Applying Lessons Learned Blog_lock

 by Michael Munson  |  30 Oct 2009 at 03:29 PM  |  0 Comments

Is your sponsorship proposal DOA?

Some information just came across my laptop suggesting the average sponsorship proposal meets only 45% of brand needs. That’s a pretty unfortunate figure.

Imagine buying things and being more unhappy than happy with just about every purchase option? Not only frustrating that you can’t find much you like, but also painful, as with so few choices the price for what does meet your needs will invariably cost more and more.

Even with all this information technology and instant communication we have available to us today, most sponsorship proposals are DOA. It’s not really that surprising. But seeing some real numbers put to previously anecdotal evidence is sobering nonetheless.

Is this just how it is? Will more and more money be spent on fewer properties, and will these ...


Honeywell Consumer Products Group Extends NHRA Sponsorship Blog_lock

30 Oct 2009 at 03:18 PM  |  0 Comments

NHRA.com reports that Honeywell has renewed two official sponsorships - FRAM automotive filters and Prestone - and will continue to sponsor the FRAM-Autolite NHRA Nationals at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California.

FRAM automotive filters will remain the Official Filter of NHRA, while Prestone will continue as the Official Antifreeze/Coolant of NHRA.

“We know NHRA fans are passionate about this sport, and so are we. Our engineers are dedicated to providing technology that helps vehicles on the track and off,” said Kelley O’Donnell, director of Global Coolants/ Motorsports Products at Honeywell CPG.

Honeywell has been a major sponsor of NHRA dating back as far as 1985, marking more than two decades that the FRAM, Prestone, and Autolite brands have been in the sport.


How to Buy a Super Bowl Ad for Exactly 1¢ Blog_lock

30 Oct 2009 at 12:52 PM  |  0 Comments

Admit it. You've always dreamed about seeing your company's big fat brand on a Super Bowl broadcast. To most marketers, that outcome is highly unlikely.

Enter CollectiveCommercial.com. The website, started by two Quebec-based entrepreneurs, launched today and aims to sell enough micro ads (in the form of pixels) to buy an entire Super Bowl commercial. Really. It seems they'll attempt to do this for a variety of high profile broadcast events throughout North America.

"The ultimate goal of CollectiveCommercial.com is to air its TV commercial during the SuperBowl XLIV (2010) or XLV (2011) once 80% of the pixels will be sold in the video," CollectiveCommercial's website says. "Of course, to do this, we need the broadcaster to accept broadcasting our commercial, so all the content ...


G3 National College Tour Kicks Off with Best Buy & EA Blog_lock

30 Oct 2009 at 11:51 AM  |  0 Comments

Best Buy G3: Games, Gear & Gadgets, is
launching its 2009 fall college tour at Boston College today. Over the
next three weeks, the National Tour, which is presented by Best Buy and EA, is
expected to reach thousands of videogame enthusiasts at 10 major colleges and
EA isn't the only publisher on board. Capcom,
Ubisoft and Activision will also be showcasing titles within the Best Buy Gamers Lounge. Dell is also showcasing a unique Dell PC Experience while hosting gameplay of the new CrimeCraft game from THQ.

While competitive publishers are sponsoring the event, the exclusive gaming platform appears to belong to Nintendo Wii, though it is not specifically mentioned as a sponsor. Microsoft and Sony are absent from any mention. EA and Nintendo have partnered on "EA...


Like Category Doesn't Always Mean Like Strategy Blog_lock

30 Oct 2009 at 11:20 AM  |  0 Comments

At my old agency we used to get many proposals where the client would simply drop in our client's name with another in the category - and vice versa. In fact, on occasion we'd get a proposal for a client that we didn't even represent. This may work for a few categories, but often times brands, even within the same category, have differing marketing objectives, which guide a unique sponsorship strategy. Take for instance, a major sports sponsorship category like personal care products, and specifically antiperspirants.

Axe's new street musician sponsorship program profiled in today's NY Times, just shows how many different sponsorship strategies can be employed within the same category. The Unilever brand, known for sponsoring house parties, ritzy nightclubs and webisodes, has star...


Activation Tactic of the Week Blog_lock

 by Brian Gainor  |  30 Oct 2009 at 09:10 AM  |  0 Comments

Coors Light Offers the Race to Refreshment...

Are you looking for ways to leverage a beverage company around an endurance-related event? Are you looking for new ways to integrate alcoholic beverage companies?

Coors Light is capitalizing on the buzz around the 2009 ING New York City Marathon by partnering with the New York Road Runners to offer a creative "Race to Refreshment" promotion for NYC residents and visiters to enjoy. The promotion enables consumers who stop in ten (10) participating establishments across the NYC boroughs to receive a commemorative medal for finishing.

At each stop, participants must collect two (2) official Race to Refreshment stickers from each of the five (5) boroughs and securely place them on an official pamphlet. Once all ten (10) stickers have been received, consumers are asked to mail the form...


Links 10/29/2009 Blog_lock

29 Oct 2009 at 07:13 PM  |  0 Comments

Sochi within sight of $1 billion target after Bosco Sport become latest sponsorTW Steel offers sponsorship boost for RenaultSt James's Park naming rights plan under fire
NASCAR, rooted in fossil fuels, turning over new, green leafLV= is new sponsor of Anglo-Welsh CupMorrisons to sponsor 3D premiere of Disney's A Christmas CarolUSI secures Insurance category with Patriots, RevolutionTop 10 Integrated Marketing Trends for 2010Making money on Twitter: Celebs with millions of followers can command 5-figures for posting an ad pitchWu lauds TTL for sponsoring Asian Games in ChinaLexus to sponsor a week's free Wi-Fi on American AirlinesPricewaterhouseCoopers backing England 2018 Fifa bidKnicks have signed some 30 new sponsors this off-season, including Time Warner Cable and Burger K...


Inside the Office of a Sports Marketer Blog_lock

29 Oct 2009 at 06:17 PM  |  0 Comments

Fooseball, Pedal Scooters, and Football

What's it like to work in sports and experiential marketing? Courtesy of BrillStreet.com's Chicago Gen Y Top 50 ranking, we got a look at a few of Chicago's workplaces.

First, checking in at #13, experiential agency, Marketing Werks.

Next up, sports marketing agency rEvolution at #13.

and finally, how about a property - The Big Ten Network:


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