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SponsorPitch Fair Information Practices

Effective date June 1st, 2010


This Fair Information Practices Statement applies ONLY to the business intelligence database that is compiled and available on SponsorPitch to our membership. THIS STATEMENT DOES NOT APPLY TO INFORMATION COLLECTED FROM OR ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY MEMBERS OR VISITORS DURING REGISTRATION OR USE OF SPONSORPITCH. Information collected from or about our subscribers, users or visitors to SponsorPitch.com is covered in our separate Privacy Policy.

Statement of Purpose

SponsorPitch has created a business intelligence database that is compiled and available on SponsorPitch to our membership.  This database is intended to provided a venue where members can exchange, search and act upon brand intelligence for the purpose of finding appropriate prospects, qualifying sales leads and developing more knowledgeable sponsorship sales offerings.  

Statement of Principles

SponsorPitch is committed to the following principles:

Compliance: Comply with all applicable law and prevailing industry standards. Monitor privacy and data protection best practices and developments.

Transparency: Be transparent and fair about our practices with respect to the collection and use of business intelligence.

Quality and Security: To the best of our ability, use our Community and technology to build and maintain a comprehensive, accurate and updated database of business information. Maintain effective security measures to reasonably safeguard the data and its use.

Sources of Content: SponsorPitch may collect information about who contributes what information to the database, including names and date of contribution. In some cases, this information will be available to the Community so that individual contributions can be recognized and data quality may be evaluated.

Content Limitations: Collect information that is limited, relevant and necessary for the legitimate business purposes of our Community. Collect information that is obtained lawfully and by fair means. Prohibit the inclusion of non-business related information.

Access and Choice: Ensure that each individual person whose direct business contact information is made available on SponsorPitch may request removal, editing or suppression of their direct contact information.


Accountability and Responsibility: Be accountable and responsible for providing measures and resources, which give effect to the above stated principles.

Limited Business Information Collected

SponsorPitch makes business information about decision makers/contacts available to our Community Members and customers including: (1) Name, (2) Company, (3) Title, (4) Business Mailing Address/Office Location, (5) Business Telephone Number, (6) Business Email Address and (7) Perceived Sphere of Influence.

Sources of Business Intelligence

SponsorPitch's database of business intelligence is built and maintained by Our Community members. SponsorPitch may aggregate, supplement or enhance its business information from established, reputable sources and trusted data suppliers. SponsorPitch may also collect and include openly and freely available business information itself. Data providers may only contribute business information to SponsorPitch that they have a legal right to provide. Business information on SponsorPitch may be readily available without restriction from any number of different data sources including the following types of information:

  •  Publicly available information: Information that is available to the general public.
  •  Public records: Information that has been filed or recorded by local, state, federal or other government agencies.
  •  Non-public available information: Information that is privately owned and is not available to the general public or that is generally offered for a fee for use and redistribution without restriction.
  •  Freely available information: Information that is accessible or available on the Internet or from other offline sources, including Information that has been made available without restriction by the contacts themselves or the companies.
  •  Derived information: Partial or derived information from any combination of the above sources that is assembled, aggregated, appended, calculated or associated together.

Removal of Information

SponsorPitch voluntarily and without obligation offers individuals the chance to request that their direct business contact information be removed or suppressed from SponsorPitch.com, under certain terms and conditions. The policy governing removal and suppression is not legally mandated. Individual contacts may request removal or suppression of their business contact information from SponsorPitch.com by detailing their case and submitting an online request by email to support@sponsorpitch.com. Requests may otherwise be submitted by sending similar information by regular mail to:

SponsorPitch, LLC

Attention Privacy Department

243 5th Avenue New York, NY 10016


Request Processing

SponsorPitch will review and confirm requests as they are received. Requests for access, correction, removal or suppression will be addressed and considered on an individual, case by case basis and based upon the information provided. SponsorPitch reserves the right, without obligation, to independently consider or reconsider any request. The burden of providing the necessary information to efficiently process any request shall remain on the requester at all times. SponsorPitch's ability to reasonably consider any request will remain dependent upon the specificity and accuracy of the information provided by the requester. SponsorPitch may contact requesters to obtain additional information, confirm information or verify requests at its discretion. A request may result in all, certain portions or none of the information being corrected, removed or suppressed depending upon the particular circumstances. Responses will be made in a timely manner using the direct contact information available or provided by requester.

For More Information

For general questions about SponsorPitch's data policies or practices, please contact to support@sponsorpitch.com.

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