The Sponsorship Mastery webinars are real-world learning experiences to help sponsorship marketers master the art and science of sponsorship. Now more than ever, it’s essential for sponsorship marketers to make the connection between proven strategies and real-world challenges, so they can increase sponsorship revenue, build stronger partnerships and drive more results.
Upcoming Masterclasses:
All masterclasses are LIVE trainings and will be held at 11:00am PST on the dates listed below
  • Thursday, June 9 | 11:00am PST: Kick Ass Sponsor Activation Ideas that WOW Your Audience
    This is the webinar for BIG IDEAS. The best activation ideas improve the audience experience and creatively solve problems. WOW brands with bold, innovative ideas that engage audiences and leave a lasting impression. We will share our favorite activations and a simple approach to developing big ideas.
  • Thursday, August 11 | 11:00am PST Cracking the Code on Valuing Sponsorships
    It doesn’t matter if you buy or sell sponsorships; a pricing framework is valuable to your efforts and vital to your success. In this webinar, we will apply an art and science approach to understanding the fair market value of a sponsorship. You will walk away with a process and a model that will make your job easier, build credibility and show more value.
  • Thursday, October 13 | 11:00am PST How Thought Leaders are Revolutionizing the Sponsorship Industry
    Get ready for innovative ideas in overdrive! We are sharing the top insights from the 2022 Sponsorship Mastery Summit, where over 30 industry leaders from global brands and iconic properties took the stage. In one jam-packed webinar, you will hear insider secrets, industry trends, bold ideas, and the action steps you can take to stay on the cutting edge of sponsorship.
  • Thursday, December 8 | 11:00am PST Creating Powerful Partnerships with Purpose
    Today more than ever, brands are seeking opportunities to positively impact their communities and support social issues. Brands are taking powerful positions and using sponsorship as the vehicle. Hear from leading experts about aligning brands, properties and social good.
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