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If you have an audience that businesses might want to reach, then SponsorPitch is for you.

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Sponsorships Made Simple & Smart

SponsorPitch is the leading sponsorship data & sales platform. With SponsorPitch, you land more sponsors in less than half the time of manual prospecting.

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SponsorPitch has helped tens of thousands of people streamline their sponsorship sales process. We help sellers by optimizing Steps 1 & 2 and expediting the route to Step 3 of the sponsorship process.

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Sponsorship Sellers

Why do sponsorship sellers use SponsorPitch?

Exclusive Deal Data

Access to member-only deal data on sponsors and their sponsorship activity including brands like Microsoft, GoPro, Louis Vuitton, Pepsi, Red Bull, Nike and more.

Decision Maker Contacts

We do the legwork of finding sponsorship decision-maker contacts at the brands you're interested in.

AI Powered Recommendations

We enhance your research with AI-powered sponsorship recommendations. We deliver recommendations based on deal data, preferences, and experience to help you find even more qualified prospects.

Showcase Your Pitch

Showcasing your pitch with a SponsorPitch landing page enables you to easily share your opportunity with others and adds an additional channel to connect with prospects.

Get Matched with Agencies

We can help match you with agencies that specialize in sponsorship sales through our Agency RFP network.

Brands & Sponsors

Why do brands use SponsorPitch?

Keep your sponsor profile up to date. Share your sponsorship goals for prospective partners. Choose your visibility (control who sees the most senstive details, like your goals) by enabling just your team, only requests you accept, or all premium members on SponsorPitch.

Start a targeted Partnership Campaign. Enter your criteria and receive a shortlist of SponsorPitch recommended opportunities. Search and be alerted about active opportunities that fit your preference.

Only see messages from vetted properties that match your preferences, and review their request before starting a conversation.

Team up with sponsorship agencies and activation vendors that specialize in sponsorships.

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