API DOCUMENTATION - SponsorPitch Getting Started Guide

Welcome to the API documentation of SponsorPitch's Rest v1 API. The SponsorPitch API offers an easy way to pull SponsorPitch’s real-time sponsorship deal data in an automated, customizable way. Using the following API protocols, developers can access our extensive database of sponsorship deals between sponsors and properties (events) and construct a custom data set that is most valuable to their team. This version of the API is architected around REST using standard HTTP access verbs.


base uri: https://sponsorpitch.com/api/v1

This API provides access to all of SponsorPitch's deals and relevant information therein for the preceding 12 month period.

URL Verb Functionality
/deals GET This is to get all deals


In order to make API calls, you must authenticate each call by passing your Authentication token and API ID value with each call within the header. This will simplify the calls for your benefit.

Header Value
X-AUTHENTICATION_TOKEN X-API_ID Your authentication token and api id



Using the API you may parse the deal data on a number of levels including

property name, sponsor name, property genre, property sub-genre, sponsor category, sponsor sub-category, date signed and location.
Fields DataType Description
start_date end_date string If only start date is provided, end date will be today's date.
activation_location string cities/markets that the deal affects
sponsors string name of a sponsor
properties string name of a property
categories string category of a sponsor
subcategories string subcategories of a sponsor
genres string genre of a property
subgenres string subgenres of a property

Example Response

                "sponsor":"Under Armour",
                "property":"Yale Bulldogs",
                "category":"Athletic Apparel & Equipment",
                "genre":"Collegiate Athletics",
                "activation_location":"New Haven",
                "deal_length": 10.0
                "property":"Milwaukee Film Festival",
                "category":"Audio Equipment",
                "sub_category":"Consumer Electronics",
                "genre":"Film Festival",
                "subgenre":"Fairs and Festivals",
                "deal_length": 1.0
                "property":"Chicago Transport Authority",
                "category":"Wireless Services",
                "subgenre":"Municipal Properties",
                "deal_length": 1.0