Jun 15, 2009 at 03:29 PM
written by Jim Loria

10 Commandments of (Sponsorship) Sales

Key Learnings is a regular weekly posting that covers insights and stories from thought-leaders within the sponsorship industry. This key learning comes from Jim Loria who has over 30 years of sports management experience and for the past 10 years as served as President of the USHL's Sioux Falls Stampede.


  • Know thy Self (team).
  • Know thy Guest (customer's business).
  • Know thy Market.
  • Know thy Neighbor (competition).
  • Know thy Budget (hidden costs that add to bottom line).
  • Thou shall be Creative and Imaginative.
  • Thou shall have Fun.
  • Thou shall not Procrastinate.
  • Thou shall Communicate.
  • Thou shall not Bear Witness against thy Neighbor (avoid negative remarks against competition).
  • Anything to add to the list? Share it with us in comments!

    Jim can be reached at loria@sfstampede.com. If you are interested in contributing your key learnings, shoot us an email at info@sponsorpitch.com.