Jun 08, 2012 at 01:23 PM
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Adidas Looks To Tell Soccer Stories With Tumblr

Adidas is taking advantage of Tumblr's new promotion capabilities to activate its sponsorship of Euro 2012. Through adidasfootball.tumblr.com fans will get an inside look at cutting edge video content from the world of soccer. Adidas will use Tumblr's ‘Radar’ section as well as premium space in the Tumblr ‘Spotlight' to draw fans to regularly updated video content. Tumblr and adidas announced the partnership with the release of the video below featuring some recognizable faces from the world of soccer.

“The partnership with Tumblr around UEFA Euro 2012 represents an exciting move for adidas Football as we start to communicate with fans in a new way, beyond typical football communications channels," Tom Ramsden, adidas Global Brand Marketing Director Football said. "We will use Tumblr to share unique content with fans; combining material from our vast footballing archive with fresh, new content produced in real time by a lineup of exciting, up and coming producers.”

”We’re absolutely thrilled that adidas is doing such world-class creative storytelling on tumblr. adidas is building a rich and engaging site with spectacular visuals to express their truly deep passion for football," Tumblr VP of Product Derek Gottfrid. "The live event coverage they have planned for UEFA Euro 2012 will be totally captivating to the international community of football fans. When a brand shares great creative content on Tumblr, our community is happy to follow along and amplify the messaging via reblog. This is the type of innovative marketing effort that we’re proud to be at the heart of, and we can’t wait to show it off in the Tumblr Radar and the Tumblr Spotlight.”