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Ahead Of The Curve: Mike Mahoney

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Mike Mahoney, Carolina Panthers
SponsorPitch Profile: Link

Years in the biz:

Over 5 years

How did you get started in it?

After years of selling services (FedEx) and software (SAP, Microsoft) I was ready for a new challenge. Sponsorship combines my experience in complex sales plus the added ability to be creative in solutions.

How many deals have you done?

I have signed 45 new sponsors since I started.

What is your most effective sales tactic?

Listen and help solve problems with custom solutions. Don’t pitch.

How did you first hear about SponsorPitch?

Michael Munson from SponsorPitch reached out via phone about the concept and about past sponsorship software offerings. Michael had good ideas about how to collaboratively solve the challenges that sponsorship sales people face.

Why did you join SponsorPitch?

I believe that we can help each other and there is enough business to go around. I won’t lose business from clients that know me, like me, and buy from me when I am meeting their business goals. If their needs shift that won’t be because I shared contact info with another property and I feel that others would believe that as well and share their information.

If you could say anything about the industry, what would it be?

Get to know other sponsorship folks. I don’t think I’ve met someone who was not helpful. Also there are a lot of great people and resources on Twitter. Try it, even if only to listen.

Photobucket Connect with Mike Mahoney:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 704-358-7816

Twitter: @mahoney


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