Oct 12, 2011 at 11:54 AM
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Apple Is Biggest Gainer In Best Brands List

Coca-Cola has returned to the top spot in Interbrand’s 2011 Best Global Brands report for the 12th consecutive year, while Apple jumped to the number eight spot with a brand value that reportedly increased 58 percent over 2010. Apple is this year’s top riser and, for the first time, sits amongst the top 10 brands listed in Interbrand’s report.

The order of the top seven brands in the list saw no change from 2010 with Coca-Cola leading the way, followed by IBM, Microsoft, Google, GE, McDonald's and Intel. In terms of percentage gain, Amazon was second to Apple with a 32 percent gain which moved the online retailer up 10 spots on the list to number 26.

“Uncertainty is the new status quo, so today’s brands need to be quick and nimble,” remarked Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s Global Chief Executive Officer. “Consistency, relevance and commitment are imperative if a brand is to keep pace in our rapidly changing world.”

Seven of the top 10 brands (IBM, Microsoft, Google, GE, Intel, Apple and Hewlett-Packard), four of the five biggest risers (Apple, Amazon.com, Google and Samsung) and the one of the few new entrants to the Best Global Brands report (HTC, the mobile device maker in Taiwan) all come from within the tech sector.

“By refining digital strategies and strengthening social networks, today’s most valuable brands are creating more relevant customer engagements. These brands have seized opportunities to host richer, more tailored experiences, which, in turn, help drive longer-term loyalty and value among consumers and partners alike,” Frampton commented.

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