May 18, 2012 at 02:20 PM
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Armani Debuts Olympic Uniform With New Campaign

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani yesterday officially unveiled Armani's Olympic Collection, EA7, created to support its sponsorship of the Italian Olympic Team. An interesting touch - the national anthem is written in gold inside the jackets and sweatshirts. The collection is being supported by a new video campaign dubbed "The Sense of Being."

British Emily Pidgeon (Middle Distance Running) and Liam Philips (BMX), Hamilton Sabot (Gymnast) of France, and Paola Croce (Volleyball), Andrea Cassarà (Fencing), Antonietta Di Martino (High Jump), Luca Dotto (Swimming) and Anzhelika Savrayuk (Rhythmic Gymnastics) of Italy will model the outfits in a black and white campaign leading up to the games.

“Stepping outside my fashion comfort zone and leaving my ego to identify myself in a sportsman’s mentality is something that intrigues me a lot,” said Armani yesterday.