Jun 28, 2011 at 01:35 PM
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Branded Snack Boxes Take Flight With U.S. Airways

As more airlines charge for everything from bags to beverages, one Florida company is looking to give away a free lunch. The company, Air Advertainment, offers free branded snack boxes, and US Airways Shuttle service just signed a deal with the service for its shuttle routes between Boston, New York and Washington D.C., with an option on additional routes.

Could advertising-based airline food be a win-win for marketers, airlines and passengers? Mary L. Macesich, Co-founder and Vice President of Air Advertainment thinks so.

"We are very pleased about our partnership with US Airways," said Macesich. "The US Airways Shuttle market is an exciting opportunity for Air Advertainment, and we're delighted to offer our "no charge", Branded Snack Boxes on US Airways."

Here's how it works, straight from the company's website:

It’s simple! We help you tap a world-class demographic for an extended period of time. None of this 15-30 or 60-second stuff, we are talking 15 minutes... and then the aftershock kicks in!

We will let you engage airline passengers one-to-one, allowing them a hands-on, in-depth experience with your brand.

Here is how it works:

1. Select your defined market, demographic, timeline, and the campaign size.

2. Tell us your social media goals.

3. Custom-brand your box with Air Advertainment.

4. Pick the snack or meal, we can measure that too; just ask us how our patent pending process works.

5. Develop a “call to action” so the passengers engage.

6. Let Air Advertainment handle all the logistics and coordination.

7. Gather data, engagement responses, conversion rates, etc, via our patent pending AirBrandTrax™ system.

8. Show amazing ROI and become business partners for life.

If you're sold, get in touch here. If it takes off, could be an interesting way to activate sports and entertainment deals and there's no reason why airlines can't tie something like this back to their existing sponsorship deals.