Apr 20, 2010 at 03:18 PM
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Brita Activates BYOB Marathon

Makers of the Brita water filters have come up with a great way to eliminate bottled water -- sponsor a marathon. As part of its multi-year sponsorship of the BMO Vancouver Marathon, race officials will be asking participants to "bring your own bottle" and will serve Brita filtered water in biodegradable cups to the 14,000 expected participants at all water stations throughout the course. Brita will supply biodegradable cups, water filters, pitchers and coolers, as well as collect and recycle the cups following the race.

Course operations coordinator Jordon Meyers said as far as he knows this is the first marathon of its size in North America and possibly the world that won't include bottled water or non-biodegradable cups, reports the Vancouver Courier.

"We were blown away by their offer," said Meyers. "But first we had to figure out the logistics, like delivery and operations."