Feb 06, 2013 at 03:22 PM
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Budweiser's Goal Light Goes Off In Your House When Your Favorite NHL Team Scores

While the Budweiser Red Light almost certainly will be a big hit with NHL fans, this sponsorship activation is sure to drive spouses nuts! Apparently, Budweiser in Canada has hatched a plan to install the famous red goal lights that flash and scream in all their goal-indicating glory each time a goal is scored within the actual homes of hockey fans. For reals. Check this out..

The Budweiser Red Light works by connecting to your Wi-Fi network. Wired explains that "after configuring the device with an Android or iPhone app to tell it what teams you are rooting for, it sits sleeping in your rec room. When a game is on, it wakes up and starts listening over the network for a score. When the puck goes in the net, the light goes crazy."

If you live in Toronto, Budweiser will come and install this handy device inside your house. Otherwise, it can be shipped directly to you.