Feb 10, 2011 at 04:53 PM
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CBS Goes With Single Sponsor For Survivor Premiere

The premiere of SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND, which kicks off the program's 22nd edition, will be sponsored exclusively by Sprint, marking the first time that a single sponsor has presented the broadcast. CBS and Sprint say that the sponsorship will allow for less ad time and additional minutes of show content in the premiere episode.

The four commercial breaks throughout the broadcast will feature advertainment from tied to this season's Redemption twist. Each of the four :60 vignettes will feature a "Survivor: Redemption Island 'What If? Moment' Presented by Sprint" showcasing a popular former Survivor's tactical game. The vignette will be followed by a traditional 30-second Sprint commercial.

"Because Sprint has been a long time sponsorship partner of 'Survivor,' we challenge ourselves to raise the bar and come up with something different for every cycle,'" said Linda Rene, Senior Vice President, Sales & Innovation, CBS Television. "The twist in this edition afforded us the perfect opportunity to give fans added content as these unique and engaging vignettes tie into this season's theme of redemption. Sprint's exclusive sponsorship further reinforces their enduring association with the show."

"'Survivor' is one of the most iconic television programs airing today and our affiliation with the show over the years has given us the ability to reach large consumer audiences in a direct and engaging way," said Steve Gaffney, Vice President-Corporate Marketing, Sprint. "As the exclusive sponsor of the 'What If? Moment Presented by Sprint,' this creative marketing approach showcases the Sprint brand and provides a strong complement to our commercial placements in this program." Photobucket

Sprint's sponsorship will conclude with a 20-second montage of "Sprint Moments," a montage of moments from prior seasons in which Sprint had been a SURVIVOR sponsor.

"Sprint's interest to create single sponsorship event around the premiere of 'Redemption Island' is testimony to the enduring appeal of 'Survivor,'" said executive producer Mark Burnett. "It's very rewarding to continue to have passionate fans and loyal sponsors in our 22nd edition."