Aug 13, 2012 at 01:58 PM
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Chicago Woman Proves Its Possible To Survive On Olympic Sponsor Products

For more than three weeks DraftFCB Copywriter, Terin Izil, ate McDonald's, drank Coca-Cola and only showered with Procter & Gamble products proving that it is possible to survive exclusively on a diet made of Olympic sponsor products. Take that Olympic junk food haters! Dubbed the "5-Ring Diet," Izil has been exclusively using Olympic sponsors' products since July 20th as part of an effort to raise $25,000 in donations for Camp Promise-West, a camp for children with muscular dystrophy. In London for the games, she was eating, drinking, wearing, and maintaining personal hygiene only with products that had the Olympic rings on them.

“I work in advertising, and I know how hard it is to get something like the Olympic rings put on a product," Izil told ESPN. "As I started looking around and noticing the rings all over on razors and juice and McDonald’s french fry containers, I thought there’s almost enough to sustain somebody.”

In fact it seems there was. In a photo finish, Izil hit her goal yesterday just ahead of the closing ceremonies and raised a total of $25,410. You can read more about her story and donate on


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