Dec 08, 2011 at 02:44 PM
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Coming Soon: Sponsored Gaming On The Big Screen

The down side of landing the perfect movie seat is you often have to sit through a lot of bad ads and previews. Now Canon and Ford are getting behind a new interactive gaming experience that might make movie going a little more fun. It's called TimePlay and its a downloadable app that lets you play live, interactive games on the big screen prior to the start of your film with other people in the audience. Here's an example. In select theaters, Canon is launching a pre-film game that invites moviegoers to throw lightballs at the screen using their smartphones, in order to reveal a darkened image, which will espouse the virtues of Canon's Power Shot HS System. In another example, Ford is allowing the audience to choose the content - by majority vote - that it wants to see prior to the movie.

If TimePlay takes off and expands to other venues, it could give new meaning to the term "pre-game" and give some clever sponsors a brand new activation element.