Sep 20, 2011 at 11:35 AM
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David Guetta DJ Documentary Is Coca-Cola's Latest Content Play

When he said he wanted to be a DJ, a high school teacher once asked David Guetta "do you think you can make a living out of this?" Guetta's new documentary entitled “Nothing But the Beat," which is a collaboration between the DJ and Coca-Cola's fast growing energy brand, Burn, answers that question with an exclamation point. The relationship between Coca-Cola and Guetta, which began earlier this year, is the latest illustration of the content strategy driving Coca-Cola marketing execs to extend beyond the traditional role of sponsor to something of a content creator, distributor and marketing partner all rolled up into one.

“The burn brand believes in inspiring action with those who want to leave their creative mark on the world,” said Dan White, Global Group Director, burn, The Coca-Cola Company. “David Guetta personifies this spirit in everything that he does and the more we got to know him and what he stands for, the more compelled we felt to share his story with fans across the globe.”

“Collaborating with Guetta on “Nothing But the Beat” has been a great experience for us as we look at new ways to bring compelling content to our consumers," Emmanuel Seuge, Group Director, Worldwide Sports and Entertainment Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company, commented.

The brand's music initiative is not only about collaboration on the production side, but also innovating new models for its distribution. Last month, Coca-Cola invested in a music platform that allows artists to crowdsource custom music. Burn recently joined forces with W Hotels to host an intensive boot camp for DJ's in preparation for a global tour hosted by W Hotels and the brand has created an online community exclusively for DJ's, which can be found at As it competes with category competition from the likes of Red Bull, Amp and Monster; marketing executives at Burn, which is now available in over 80 countries, hope the brand will track Guetta's rise to stardom and benefit from the global rise in popularity of the DJ culture.

“If you made this film five years ago, you’d be shooting in clubs and DJ booths, not hundred thousand seat stadiums or giant music festivals with the DJ controlling the crowd from the main stage,” said “Nothing But the Beat” Director Huse Monfaradi. “Guetta has taken the unrecognized DJ and brought him to rock star status.”