Feb 22, 2012 at 01:16 PM
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Dewar's Launches DewarsHub For Mapping TED Topics

Dewar's Scotch Whisky is again teaming up with TED, the non-profit dedicated to Ideas Worth Spreading. For its 2012 conference, which runs from February 27th through March 2nd in Long Beach, California, Dewar's is taking a novel approach to mapping all the hot topics around technology, entertainment and design.

Dewar's will capture the buzz around the talks through the "Dewar's Hub", an interactive experience that distils and gives a real time visualization of the TED conversations from Twitter. Attendees will be able to explore different themes and conversations by tweeting to the installation @dewarshub or, alternatively, navigate, filter and influence the visualization using motion detection. People around the world can also tweet requests to @dewarshub to receive automated Twitpics displaying the discussions generated around the topic of their choosing.

Of course, Dewar's will also be served during the week at hosted events such as the TED Fellows Reception and a whisky Masterclass with Dewar's Senior Global Brand Ambassador, Stephen Marshall.

"TED has had the pleasure of collaborating with many of the world's most groundbreaking brands. Our partnerships allow us to encourage and expand the dialogue of innovation," said Ronda Carnegie, Head of Global Partnerships at TED. "The Dewar's Hub is an exciting addition to TED2012, bringing together all of the ideas generated from the TEDTalks as they happen."

"'We are very proud to have formed this partnership. DEWAR'S shares TED's commitment to the spread of great ideas and their positive outcome," Tom Swift, Global Marketing Manager, Dewar's, said. "It fits perfectly with DEWAR'S own view of life that some things are just Worth Doing."

Dewar's social media take on visualizing the ideas expressed at TED is an extension of its 2011 partnership, in which it brought in cartoonists, dubbed Dewartists, to put some of the conference's ideas to paper..