Mar 07, 2012 at 05:38 AM
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Dollar Shave Club Looks To Make A Splash By Saying No To Sponsorship

This viral ad from a new start-up called Dollar Shave Club is making the rounds on the internet today. The L.A. based company is created with the premise that companies like Gillette and Schick spend a lot of money on marketing expenses like sponsorships and endorsements that ultimately get passed down to the consumer by way of higher prices. For some context, Gillette Stadium alone will run parent company, P&G, approximately $7 million per year until 2031. The aptly named Dollar Shave Club aims to compete with the big boys on price (and humor) by refraining from paid marketing and offering the cheapest product its bare bones cost structure will allow. For now at least, that's $1/month. If nothing else, they've got a great video!