Jan 03, 2013 at 02:20 PM
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Evian Launches Snow-Making Playground - The More You Play, The More It Snows

Evian, and its agency, Havas Worldwide, have found a novel way to take the brand's "Live Young" mantra to the next level. It is installing Evian playgrounds with adult-sized play equipment throughout London. Here's the trick though. Unlike one of those run of the mill adult playgrounds, Evian's equipment is hooked up to a snowmaking machine so the harder you swing on swings or see-saw on the see-saws – the more it snows.

“Anyone at any age can Live young - it is a state of mind and an attitude to life," Laura Pope, evian brand manager, commented. "Evian’s giant playground installations are the perfect way to help stressed workers get in touch with their Live young spirit by letting go and having fun."

“The playground will combine the purity and youthful spirit of evian to create a world first in kinetically-powered snowfalls," Eloise Smith, of Havas Worldwide, added.

The promotion, which will run from January 7th through the 11th, will will include a Facebook "Live Young" page, sharing different ways to live young each day throughout the month of January.