Jul 15, 2009 at 04:33 PM
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Experiential Entrepreneurship

As marketers get cheap and look for clever ways to guerilla market their products, lots of start-ups are looking to cash in with new products to help them stand apart from the crowd - or rather, spread their message with it. We recently came across a couple start-ups that, though not created with the sole purpose of doing so, could potentially help brands capitalize on two time-honored teen traditions - rebellion and expressionism.

The first is YrWall, which allows visitors to create virtual graffiti on walls using a modified spray paint can.

The next one may be a bit of a love/hate for teens, combining chalkboards (hate) and tee-shirts (love) into into a whole new product called chalkboard tees.

This sounds like an ambush marketers dream - and an official sponsor's nightmare - in the making, thanks to the Brooklyn-based company.

As an added bonus, both products are parent friendly, too! Of course, there are lots of new experiential advertising products/services popping up. Tell us about some of your favorites.