Sep 10, 2009 at 01:49 PM
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Febreze & "the First Lady of Football" Freshen Football

Last month, Procter & Gamble signed a five year NFL sponsorship that will span 13 different P & G product lines. Now details are starting to emerge on how the world's largest CPG company plans to activate the mammoth deal.

Febreze has teamed up with Olivia Manning, wife to Archie and mother of Peyton and Eli, to share tips and solutions for everything from freshening the home on game day to eliminating sweat odors on sports gear.

"I'm excited to partner with Febreze to give moms like me a play for every occasion and easy solutions to freshen their homes on game day and every day," Manning said. "With a husband and three sons who were always active in sports, I know it's a tough job to eliminate odors that come home with athletes after they leave the field."

According to Mark Waller, CMO of the NFL, "more women now watch the Super Bowl than the Academy Awards."

Hopefully there's more meat to the activation, but the thematic tie-in is an easy one: odor and the NFL go hand in hand.

Still, with messaging so heavily focused on moms, one wonders whether the activation in some ways could alienate a growing and loyal base of serious (and often younger) female football fans?

Febreze is the official air freshener of the NFL.