Jun 12, 2009 at 07:27 PM
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GM Still Skating on Thin Ice!

What a week! GM's in bankruptcy, Stanley Cup's in Game 7, mainstream sports leagues are busting out the jersey ads and a hockey-style brawl broke out on our blog. Time to have some real fun.

Sponsorship peeps are creatives, so we figured we'd give this a try!

Here's how it works. Write in a clever caption in the comments or tell us whose proposed caption you like the best. Winner will get their title on the permanent post and we'll send them a little prize next Monday, too.

This 1940's era photo of a hockey team dressed in General Motors jerseys comes via Paul Hemingway (@paulhemingway) whose own caption was "appears GM was ahead of the curve!"


Your turn...

Update: Here's some unfortunate breaking news/inspiration: GM Cuts NASCAR Sponsorships

Congratulations, Finley. The first winner in our inaugural Friday caption contest. You'll get a Dick's Sporting Goods e-gift certificate for your efforts.