Jun 18, 2012 at 05:37 PM
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Huh? Major QSR Appoints Itself 'Official Sponsor of the Sun'

Nevermind rule #1 of sponsorship (don't sponsor something that kills thousands of people each year), according to this cheeky press release the sun now has an official drive-in. Sonic Drive-In isn't the first brand to use the faux sponsorship thing to generate awareness. It may sound strange without a cause angle as there is in other cases such as Intel ("sponsor of tomorrow") and the American Cancer Society ("sponsor of birthdays"), but new CMO James O'Reilly called Sonic's sponsorship of the sun a "no-brainer partnership."

"When we looked at summer sponsorship opportunities for the SONIC brand, the sun quickly emerged as the ideal fit because of its unrivaled reach and exposure and SONIC's long-standing association with the sun and summer. We believe summer tastes better at SONIC," said O'Reilly.

Sonic says it will "capitalize on the freshly-inked sponsorship" throughout the summer with promotions at the chain's 3,500 drive-ins in 43 states.

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