Jul 09, 2012 at 05:04 PM
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Is This The Best Brand-Endorsement-Property Trifecta In All Of Sports?

In between all the tears and congratulations, the world's new number one, Roger Federer, reached into his bag and slipped on his Rolex just before receiving the Wimbledon championship trophy for the seventh time. Understandably, he doesn't wear it when playing, but minutes later as Federer hoisted the trophy, the world got a good long look at not only the 2012 championship trophy, but also the Rolex Day-Date. As consistently exceptional as he is on the court, Federer delivers just as consistently off of it for long term partners like Nike, Rolex, Wilson and Credit Suisse. And that's why shortly after winning, Rolex, which has been Wimbledon's official timekeeper since 1978, rolled out a special congratulations message on its website for Federer, who it signed to a 10 year endorsement contract back in 2006. That message can be seen here.

There are many perfect endemic fits between sponsors and property and there are great long term endorsements, but there are few relationships between a sponsor, property and an endorser that all seem to work so effortlessly over a sustained period of time.

Is this the best in all of sports?

photo credit: Wimbledon.org