Dec 02, 2009 at 02:32 PM
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Korean Air Invests in Arts & Culture

Korean Air has entered into a partnership with the British Museum and will invest in new touchscreen multimedia museum guides over the next five years. The guides, launched yesterday, will come in 11 different languages.

Yang Ho Cho, chairman and chief executive of Korean Air, said: "Korean Air is a company that encourages and facilitates cultural exchanges. Millions of people appreciate art and culture and a similar number enjoy travel."

"We are creating a bond between these two worlds that will benefit the global cultural community and Korean Air's cultural sponsorship programme will, in the future, expand further bringing a greater global cultural understanding."

Approximately six million people visit the British Museum every year.

Korean Air also took the opportunity to create one of the best plane designs we've seen to date. Check out the paint job Korean Air put together to kick off the partnership: