Sep 28, 2009 at 12:41 PM
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Like a Good Sponsor..

On Friday, Lionsgate's documentary More Than a Game will be released in select theaters, sponsored by State Farm. The film tells the story of Lebron James' high school team and their remarkable journey from Akron, Ohio, to the national high school championship. A new commercial, “Memories,” is currently airing on TV, online and in theaters nationwide.

“State Farm is always looking for innovative ways to engage consumers with our brand,” said Mark Gibson, State Farm’s assistant vice president-advertising. “We have been at the forefront of merging entertainment and branding/advertising opportunities across a variety of properties and market segments. Our sponsorship of More Than a Game, and this new Memories creative, illustrates our core brand message that nothing is more important than being there.”

State Farm has sponsored the playground project, the first installation of a national initiative by James' family foundation. Lebron is also making public appearances on behalf of State Farm, such as the visit to the company's Bloomington HQ in this video:

Here's State Farm's new :30 in support of the movie:

“State Farm’s relationship with LeBron James has always been much deeper than him simply being a brand ambassador. His iconic story transcends sport and his remarkable focus on team and commitment to those that he holds closest to his heart is what inspired this spot. Trust, teamwork, loyalty and relationships are all cornerstones of the State Farm brand and are integral parts of the More Than a Game story,” Gibson said.

To view behind the scenes and never before seen Lebron footage fans can log on to

State Farm and Lebron James entered into a marketing relationship in February of last year, although the details at the time were not clear.

"State Farm is a great company that shares my values and passion for improving the lives of people all across the country," said LeBron James at the time. "We both have a common goal—to help kids and strengthen the communities that they live in."

Lebron James has been a State Farm customer since 2004, his first full year in the NBA.

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