Mar 08, 2010 at 05:57 PM
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Logorama: Coming to a Stadium Near You?

Some films try to pack corporate logos into the production, in order to afford A-list talent. Others pack them in, in place of it. Meet Logorama, the film which cast corporate logos like Ronald McDonald and Sun Microsystems, on its way to an Oscar at the Academy Awards last night.

While you've most likely seen many of the Oscar-hording commercial blockbusters last night, one of the best reasons for watching the Academy Awards is discovering new films you might have missed throughout the year. Logorama, a sixteen minute animated short film dedicated to corporate oversaturation, that won best short film was one such film. During those sixteen minutes, the French film which was written and directed by H5 / Francois Alaux, Hervé de Crecy and Ludovic Houplain, features over 2,500 corporate logos, or as producer Nicolas Schmerkin called them in his acceptance speech last night, "unofficial sponsors."

Here's the trailer:

In accepting the award Schmerkin calmed nerves by reassuring that “no logos were harmed in the making of the film“. Nevertheless, Logorama may have a good lesson for properties looking to squeeze ever nickel and dime out of more affordable, but less impactful "micro-sponsorships." More isn't always better.

For more on the making of the film, check out this interview with the directors.