Dec 04, 2012 at 03:12 PM
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Marbury Fined For Not Covering Up Logo

Former NBA star Stephon Marbury was fined by the Chinese Basketball Association for failing to adequately cover up the logo on his footwear, the only alternative afforded to player not choosing to wear shoes by league sponsor Li Ning. The CBA's $321 million sponsorship deal with Li Ning requires players to either wear Li Ning or cover up any logo of a competing shoe company. To get around those restrictions, players can pay an $80K fee to wear other brands, according to China Daily.

"It is not right that players can't have a choice to wear what's comfortable while playing at a high level," Marbury told the paper. "Safety is first and it's my right.''

Meanwhile, a Li Ning marketing exec responded by pointing to the fact that the sports apparel brand spent much more money to support the league than the previous equipment sponsor and deserves the right to market our brand according to the league rules.

The CBA's rules are an adjustment for former NBA players who are used to league rules, which allow for individual players to wear the shoes of their choice, despite maintaining a league sponsorship with apparel maker, Adidas.

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