Sep 20, 2009 at 07:37 PM
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Mascots & Menus: Reviewing the New NFL Ads

Two of the most talked about deals leading up to the NFL kick-off were P&G's cross-category deal and IHOP's official partnership, featuring Larry Fitzgerald and Donovan Mcnabb.


By most estimates, one third of the nation's 285 million football fans are women. When Febreze was announced it was widely assumed they would leverage the NFL to reach mom's and wives with the company's air freshening product. However, this ad takes the strategy in a whole different direction, focusing the product on removal of pet odors, rather than human ones. Interesting twist.


Somewhat clever, nothing particularly eye catching IMO. Risky proposition throwing plates at Larry Fitzgerald (Madden curse?) and sacking the oft-injured Donovan McNabb. Or should we say "McNobb?" Listen carefully...

Both spots were somewhat clever and should appeal to a wide range of fans via a simple brand association (mascots and themed menu offerings). However, I'm a little disappointed by the lack of any real call to action in the new spots.

What do you think of the new NFL ads? Like, dislike, indifferent?