Aug 05, 2009 at 12:36 PM
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NFL Creates New Category for P&G Sponsorship

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a long-rumored deal, three years in the making in fact, will finally come to fruition today when the NFL and Procter and Gamble announce a multi-year exclusive sponsorship for the newly created "locker room products category" covering 13 separate P&G brands.

Back in January, SBD reported that the two parties were close to a five year deal that would be a "three-tiered arrangement, with some brands getting national play and some even able to market with individual team marks."

Jason Dial, director of global sports marketing for P&G and Mark Waller, senior vice president for sales and marketing at the NFL, led negotiations on the deal. Approval required a complex series of approvals throughout the various brand fiefdoms within P&G.

Interestingly, studies have shown that women account for approximately 85% of all consumer purchases, but according to Nielsen's 33% of the NFL viewing demographic is female.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the NFL convinced P&G that there was enough of a natural connection between "tough players and tough products" for P&G to become one of the league's 21 major marketing partners.'

The deal is said to be valued in the $10-15 million/year range not including advertising commitments, which would make it one of P&G's most expensive sponsorships to date.

P&G spends $8 Billion annually on advertising, but only $90 million on U.S. sponsorships according to IEG.

Next question: how will P&G activate the partnership in media and at retail, with their largest customer, and what rights will they have to do so?