Mar 24, 2020 at 12:00 AM
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On COVID-19 and Sponsorships

We don't need to tell you how challenging things these days are, especially in the events / sponsorship space. As a event marketer, you probably have a lot of questions. “Should I cancel or postpone my event?”; “What are the ramifications?”; “When is the right time to reach out to sponsors again?”

While each event faces it's own set of unique challenges and opportunities, what we do know is this:

1 – Sponsors will have an unprecedented opportunity to step-up and support the re-emergence of the events we all love and need so much this Summer/Fall

2 – The SponsorPitch Blog can provide you some guidance on navigating the current environment. Stay tuned for more

3 – Companies are hiring. (There are several new sponsorship positions posted already this week)

4 – Sponsorship deals are still getting signed...every day

5 – You should upload/update your proposal on SponsorPitch as sponsors look to put unspent Q2 marketing dollars to work

If you’re in the events and sponsorship space you’re used to rising to the challenge and responding to the unexpected, in fact as event professionals you probably do it pretty much every day and at every event. Our belief that the sponsorship space will bounce back stronger than ever this Summer is supported by the fact that companies with collectively $3.5 million in unallocated sponsorship dollars (a record) turned to SponsorPitch for property recommendations in February alone.

That said, we understand things have been tough for the past few weeks. In light of that, we’ve temporarily dropped prices 30%. If you believe in the long-term growth of the sponsorship space, as we do, that makes now a good time lock in a discounted subscription rate. If there’s anything else we can help with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or you can get started at our discounted rates here.