Dec 12, 2011 at 05:38 PM
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Qualcomm Stadium Renamed Snapdragon Stadium For 10 Days Only

Qualcomm is taking an interesting tactic towards promoting its Snapdragon mobile processor this holiday season. The San Diego-based company announced on Friday that it would rename Qualcomm Stadium, home of the San Diego Chargers, to Snapdragon Stadium for 10 days.

“Any where you have the big Qualcomm signage – in and around the parking lot, on the stadium, in the seating bowl -- we will replace the Qualcomm signage with new signage that says Snapdragon Stadium by Qualcomm with the Snapdragon logo,” said Dan Novak, a company spokesman.

Three games will be played at the stadium during the 10-day period: Chargers vs. Baltimore Ravens, the Poinsettia Bowl and the Holiday Bowl. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that nearly 30 million people will tune in for the games.

In 1997, Qualcomm paid $18 million for the naming rights, which are set to expire in 2017.

With Qualcomm's name already strongly tied to the stadium, which was named after it nearly 15 years ago, the move could be a cost-efficient way to build awareness of one of the company's relatively new sub-brands. What do you think of renaming the stadium as a short-term tactic to gain exposure?