May 28, 2009 at 04:53 PM
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Rationale: Armed Forces & Racing

The Armed Forces and racing (both NASCAR & IRL) are so closely tied to each other that sometimes they get recognition for sponsorships that don't even exist! If all branches of the armed forces are involved with racing, it must be successful in helping them meet their core objective: recruiting.

Aside from the demographic overlap (18-24 year old men), Capt. Homero Martinez who serves as CMO of the Air Force recruiting services, believes that patriotism plays a big part in the event experience, giving the Air Force the perfect venue for talking to recruits. "NASCAR is an inspiring event with a lot of patriotic feeling and emotion, and the Air Force wants to make sure they have a presence at the track with flyovers and a recruiting booth," he said.

This piece takes a nice peak into the rationale.