Jan 13, 2009 at 01:53 PM
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SponsorPitch in KillerStartups.com

Good morning!! For some crazy reason, yesterday was our best day yet, in terms of beta sign-ups. A few notes for Tuesday..

1. Killerstartups.com reviewed SponsorPitch this morning. Despite a few grammar issues, this seems to be a good review: SponsorPitch - Let Marketers Find You 2. It seems SponsorPitch has made it across the pond. EDP sports marketing, a sports marketing agency in London, is pitching the International Football Awards . That's soccer, not football as Howard points out. ; )

3. Beta Tester Appreciation Day is this Friday. Check out yesterday's post for more details and make sure your colleagues sign-up by then.

4. Working on a big announcement for early next week, which will help to expand the reach of your pitches.

5. Follow-us throughout the day for news and updates via Twitter.

Hold on to your hats and enjoy the day!