Nov 30, 2009 at 03:39 PM
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Sponsors Should Tell Their Story, Too

99% of the time, it's the property that puts together a fancy video and shiny presentation to tell their story about why sponsorship is so critical. As sponsors do a better job at cleaning up their formerly haphazard sponsorship portfolios, so too could they do a better job of telling the why, how and what's of their sponsorship strategy. What does their brand stand for? A concert tour, a film festival here, a sporting event there, a celebrity golf tournament and some community programs sprinkled in. Some might say if we can't already tell their story then they're not doing their job, but on the other hand, maybe Joe Pub just isn't as quick as Joe CMO with this stuff. So, sometimes you just have to spell it out. You know - 'keep it simple, stupid.' With so many different affiliations, couldn't consumers (and properties for that matter) be better served by brands that do a better job of connecting the dots? Consumer interests are increasingly fragmented and it's getting tougher and tougher for brands to reinforce brand messages across vastly different and segmented event sponsorships. So some brands, like Vodafone, are tying it all together in a neat package. Storytelling, when it comes to sponsorship, shouldn't be reserved for properties alone.

Vodafone of New Zealand gives it their best shot with this video: