May 12, 2010 at 05:58 PM
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Telegraph Makes Tough Crowd for Eurostar Sponsorship Announcement

With unabashed over-currents of cultural bias, the Telegraph took a big swipe at Eurostar's announcement as London 2012's 29th sponsor, earlier today.

Noting the late start time and absence of champaign, The Telegraph was particularly put off by the "tatty train:"

" was a tatty train with a transfer of the Olympic logo and an embassingly kitsch drawing of the curtains by the officials."

Firing off one final shot across across the bow of the high-speed rail service, the Telegraph offered up some advice for the other 29 sponsors of the XXX Olympiad:

Hmm. The French should be able to do this so much better. The other 29 sponsors should take note. As they seek to "activate" their Olympic sponsorship, paying lip service to the details is a sure fire way to slip into marketing oblivion.