Sep 13, 2012 at 08:45 PM
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The World's Largest Manufacturer of Musical Instruments Just Launched Its Own Record Label

After negotiating endorsement with thousands of artists, Yamaha will soon find itself on both sides of the negotiating table. The world's largest musical instrument manufacturing company has launched a boutique, one-stop-shop record label to support rising and established artists, complete with a full-service recording and video production studio in Franklin, Tennessee. The new division will work with artists to record, produce, brand, publish, license, market, publicize and sell original audio and video content.

"For nearly five decades, Yamaha has been the world leader in artist endorsements. It was a natural progression to take the next step and provide what our artists needed at a critical time in music history," said Chris Gero, Founder of Yamaha Entertainment Group of America. "Our goal is to significantly enhance the services we provide, while maintaining the level of quality our artists have come to know us by. Not only do we stand behind the instruments our artists use to make music, but we also stand behind their talent."

Could other sponsors now follow a similar track and get involved with not just the endorsement, but end-to-end management of artists and athletes?

"It was a natural evolution to form an in-house production company to better serve our artists and our company," said Gero. "We look forward to providing fans with exclusive video content and to partnering with more artists like Elton to film high-quality productions of live shows and documentaries."

The goal of Yamaha Entertainment Group of America will be to build long-term creative and financial success, provide consumers with high-quality content and music-related experiences, hold regular sweepstakes and host an online store that represents a global platform.