Apr 02, 2012 at 01:17 PM
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This Is The Asking Price For YouTube's Exclusive Sports Channel Sponsorship

Per thenextweb.com, YouTube is actively pitching exclusive sponsorship across its sports channels at a price tag of $40 million per year. The effort is part of a broader strategy by the company to move away from simple banner ads towards more integrated brand partnerships – consisting of display, overlay and pre-roll ads – that allow marketers to deeply target viewers segmented into one of 96 different original content channels. Other high-end channel categories on the block include Music ($62m), Pop Culture ($62m), Autos ($16m) and Moms ($10m), according to Ad Age.

The sponsorship plan is part of an effort by the company to start recouping some of the steep advances it reportedly paid to acquire original content last year across over 100 different categories. Once YouTube's advance, ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to $5 million, has been earned back, the company will reportedly revenue share the channel's sponsorship and advertising revenue roughly 50/50 with the content creator.