Oct 06, 2009 at 04:29 PM
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User-Gen Consulting?

Deloitte, the professional services supporter for London 2012, wants students to tap into the Olympic spirit by providing a little consulting of their own in the Deloitte Business Competition.

The winner of the competition will win a free trip to the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games and two weeks of paid work experience in the London 2012 sponsorship team at Deloitte.

While London is beating expectations on sponsorship thus far, Deloitte offers sponsorship as one of the key consumer groups entrants can address. The questions Deloitte asks students to consider are:

  • What success would look like in terms of their Games experience
  • How you would define a positive Games experience for this customer group
  • What you would advise LOCOG to do now to ensure a positive experience for this group
  • What you would advise LOCOG to put in place in order to measure this

    I can think of quite a few pros that would be interested in seeing answers to #4.

    A panel of judges led by LOCOG Chair, Sebastian Coe, will select a winner based on finalist presentations in London.

    Heather Hancock, Deloitte's lead partner for London 2012, said: "Part of London's bid to become host city was that London's Games would be for the 'youth of the world'. Deloitte is playing a leading role in realising this ambition through the Deloitte Business Competition - taking the power of London 2012 into universities to promote business awareness, innovation skills and entrepreneurial thinking."

    The contest is open to all undergrad and grad school students in the U.K. who submit a written essay of no more than 2,012 words to businesscompetition@deloitte.co.uk by December 1st.

    The contest is supported by the official airline of London 2012, British Airways.

    Before entering, watch this video with Annabel Pritchard, Deloitte's Head of London 2012 Sponsorship, who explains why Deloitte got involved with the Games in the first place.