Sep 05, 2009 at 03:58 AM
written by Kris Mathis

Want To Know Each Time A New Sponsor Matches Your Profile?

Of course you do! We're excited to announce that for the first time highly customized and always updated sponsorship intelligence is now a reality. Customized alerts are just one benefit of upgrading your property to a Property Manager Elite account. Here's the skinny on what else your sales team gets access to with SponsorPitch's new Property Manager Elite subscription plan.

 photo Screenshot2013-11-12at95925AM_zpsf5e15356.png

Here are some select screenshots of Property Manager Elite.... (click to enlarge)

Deal Comparables Screenshot

 photo 119a6879-f1ca-4084-83ed-cc0ecdd70916_zps4627a9f5.jpg

Suggested Sponsorships Screenshot

 photo 17bcaecb-6a58-4415-b5cb-2de1425a7a5b_zps00f42960.jpg

Alerts Screenshot

 photo e8a67e68-784c-4937-b423-df1849278925_zps3d85975c.jpg

Analytics Screenshot

 photo f462d43a-cf6c-4d18-b83c-d8a072dbfa4b_zps580ec686.jpg

 photo 78cd75d4-f066-492e-9c42-43137d12eb58_zps871e6bf8.jpg

To get started with Property Manager Elite, go to your dashboard and click the green Add Elite button....

 photo 10dcc215-cbab-4f24-9662-a97bf1bf3585_zpsdace8243.jpg