Sep 30, 2013 at 02:05 PM
written by Staff

What Does It Take To Create A Meaningful Brand?

According to new research from Havas Sport & Entertainment, 51% of the UK public believes brands should be actively involved in supporting social causes in their sport and entertainment sponsorships, with 84% stating that “brands should help enable more people to play sport”, 81% saying “brands should promote healthy living” and 77% saying “brands should support their local community”.

Among the more interesting findings, brands that support causes gain more favor than those supporting entertainment, BUT entertainers have more influence than causes with music artists have the most power to influence others followed by professional athletes and sports clubs.

Havas Sports & Entertainment ignition (HS&E ignition) recently revealed what it says is the first independent research of its kind, looking at the impact of brands in sport and entertainment. The findings from research of 7,000 consumers (UK only), and also 30 rights holders and brands, look at the 'meaningfulness' of sponsor activity and the relationships brands have established with their consumers and fans.

To get some more of the detail behind Havas' findings, check out this nifty infographic.

Hat tip: The Business of Sports