Jan 03, 2011 at 03:43 PM
written by Dan Rossetti

5 Fast Interview Tips for Sales Pros

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One of the most frequent questions I am asked after I let a potential candidate know they are not the right fit for an opportunity is, “Why was I not chosen for the next step and/or job”. In most instances the simple answer is your interview did not deliver what I needed to hear to move onto the next step. Even if I am having an informal conversation with a possible candidate about a role I am recruiting for…I am listening for key words, answers, tone, and consistencies in their responses.

A successful sales person does not just “wing it” before he goes into a client to pitch a $500K deal. The same can be said for an interview. Too many people take a “wing it” approach to their interview as opposed to mapping out their strategy for whatever comes up in the conversation.

Here are some helpful tips to consider before hopping on the phone or meeting up with a hiring manager:

1) Research the company and if possible the interviewer: The internet age has given interviewees every possible resource to research the company and the individual you are interviewing with before your call or meeting. There is no excuse for not being prepared!

2) Understand the position you are interviewing for: If the role is looking for a Partnership Sales Executive…ask around your network to see if you know someone who can tell you more about the company’s definition of a Partnership Sales Executive. Some organizations have different definitions.

3) Learn how to sell yourself: Just as companies are determining what their “brand” is out in the public eye…the same is true for a candidate. Identify your strengths and how you can best bring them across during the conversation.

4) Anticipate potential questions: Be prepared to answer why you left your last position. Be prepared to answer why this position lines up with your professional goals. Be prepared to answer where your sales numbers stacked up with your counterparts. The interview will go much easier once you have identified how to answer “hot button” items in your background.

5) Have questions prepared for the interviewer at the end of the conversation: Most interviewers will tell you this is one of the biggest pet peeves during an interview. If you do not have any questions, I am going to walk away thinking you were not paying attention during the whole time. Always have at least THREE questions prepared before the interview ends.

Following some of these simple tips will help your name and resume ASCEND to the top of the list.

Dan Rossetti has been involved in the execution of recruiting engagements for almost a decade and founded Ascension Sports Partners with the belief that a candidate does not need to have a seat in the board room to receive executive level treatment and guidance in their professional career choices. Since June 2008, Ascension Sports Partners has conducted searches for the Professional Bull Riders, Nashville Predators, Sports Shares, Columbus Blue Jackets, Minnesota Swarm, Sacramento River Cats, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Sky Blue FC, and Philadelphia Eagles. Ascension Sports Partners is currently recruiting for three sponsorship positions listed in the SponsorPitch Job Bank.