Nov 29, 2010 at 10:46 PM
written by Dan Rossetti

How to Make Your Personal Brand More Relevant to Recruiters

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One of the best ways to get yourself hired in the sports and entertainment industry is to network. It has been proven time and time again hiring managers tend to look within their “circle of trust” before pulling the trigger on an unknown candidate.

This poses a question which Ascension Sports Partners receives on a weekly basis, “How can I better position myself to be in the conversation when a job opening becomes available”? There are many ways to become more networked and in turn make yourself “relevant”. I use the term relevant often when speaking with job seekers. What are you doing in your current job and/or current job search to make yourself relevant?

Tips on becoming RELEVANT:

1) Become engaged in our industry: find ways to connect with other professionals in a purposeful manner (i.e. niche websites, Linked In Groups, sports and entertainment conferences);

2) Stay current on our industry “comings and goings”: read trade magazines to find out who has taken on new roles and responsibilities; start thinking about how you would best position yourself as a viable replacement for this individual (i.e. do you have a connection with the hiring manager, do you share a common account who could speak on your behalf)

3) Never burn a bridge: This point cannot be stressed enough. Everyone is only a connection or two away from everyone else. Any impression you leave, good or bad, will resonate into the future. A bad impression could lead to a negative impact on your relevance and the chance your name gets passed over.

These are not a “magic pill” but implementing some of these tips will help position you better in building your name in our business.

Dan Rossetti has been involved in the execution of recruiting engagements for almost a decade and founded Ascension Sports Partners with the belief that a candidate does not need to have a seat in the board room to receive executive level treatment and guidance in their professional career choices. Since June 2008, Ascension Sports Partners has conducted searches for the Professional Bull Riders, Nashville Predators, Sports Shares, Columbus Blue Jackets, Minnesota Swarm, Sacramento River Cats, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Sky Blue FC, and Philadelphia Eagles. Ascension Sports Partners is currently recruiting for three sponsorship positions listed in the SponsorPitch Job Bank.