Nov 30, 2017 at 12:00 AM
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Let SponsorPitch Help You Find Your Next Sponsorship Hire!

If you're looking to grow your team by adding an experienced sponsorship professional, you know that finding the right person with the perfect mix of connections, work experience and interest in a new opportunity is no easy task. Having our finger on the pulse of who the sponsorship industry's leading deal-makers are, SponsorPitch is ready to help you expedite the search process and find the perfect candidate for your job opening.

Though we've informally helped quite a few members find new full-time sponsorship jobs in the past, from Fortune 500 sponsorship managers to sales execs, today we are excited to formalize SponsorPitch's new job placement services with SponsorPitch Recruiting. SponsorPitch Recruiting works with sponsors, properties and agencies that are hiring to find, vet and match you up with excellent candidates for sponsorship-related openings ranging from part-time, commission-sales and entry-level all the way up to the most senior roles within an organization. Whatever your need is, we can help. Searches are conducted on a contingency basis with no upfront fee to the employer. In addition to very specialized searches that leverage our database of sponsorship professionals to identify those with a specific unique skill set, searches (when appropriate) will also be promoted across the broader SponsorPitch network, now 60k+ members strong.

To work with us on a search, visit and if you're a candidate in the market for a new sponsorship job keep your eye on for the latest openings.