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Antigua Group, Inc. is an American company based in the Phoenix, Arizona market that specializes in the designing and marketing of men’s, women’s and children’s lifestyle apparel and sportswear, most notably in the golf industry. In addition to golf, the company also serves the Licensed Sports, Corporate and Specialty Retail markets.

The Antigua Group sponsors National Hockey League 1979 Company founded in Scottsdale, AZ.1982 Opened account with Pebble Beach for 1982 US Open.1984-1986 Expanded sales force to cover United States.1989 Payne Stewart wins PGA Championship wearing Antigua apparel at Kemper Lakes.1991 Antigua negotiates license arrangements with MLB, NBA and NHL providing these products to golf retailers and general retailers alike.1991 Antigua signs licensing agreement with Tournament Sports Marketing1991 Payne Stewart wins the U.S. Open at Hazeltine National Golf Club wearing Antigua apparel.1993 Antigua is chosen by captain Tom Watson to provide uniforms and other apparel for the 1993 U.S. Ryder Cup team and wives. Antigua also provides Ryder Cup products for retail sales in the United States.1994 Bill Mayfair wins the Tour Championship at Southern Hills wearing Antigua apparel.1995 Annika Sörenstam wins U.S. Women's Open at Broadmoor Golf Club wearing Antigua apparel.1995 Antigua is chosen as supplier for all volunteer uniforms for the Ryder Cup Matches at Oak Hill Country Club, Rochester, NY – outfitting 2,500 people.1996 Mark Brooks wins the PGA Championship at Valhalla wearing Antigua apparel.1997 Antigua named for the 4th time a Ryder Cup preferred partner by the PGA of America.1999 goes interactive.2000 Antigua honored with International Platinum Partner Award.2001 Antigua moves its operation to a new 110,000 square foot building in Peoria, AZ.2002-2004 Antigua continues its Ryder Cup and PGA Championship association.2003 Antigua majority interest purchased by Ashley NA a subsidiary of Sports Direct in the United Kingdom.2004 Antigua receives Outstanding Partner Award from Delaware North Companies.2006 Antigua extends its presenting partnership in GOLF RETIREMENT PLUS™2007 Antigua President named recipient of the Ernie Sabayrac award by the PGA of America.2007 Antigua consummates license agreement to design and distribute apparel and accessories under the famous Slazenger brand in the United States and Canada.2007 Steve Stricker wins the Barclays Championship wearing Antigua apparel.2007 Antigua consummates license agreement to design and distribute apparel and headwear under the famous Dunlop brand in the United States and Canada.2008 Antigua is featured in Apparel Magazine and announced as one of The Apparel All-Star Winners nominated by Lawson.2009 Antigua celebrates 30 years serving the golf industry.2010 Antigua named official apparel of the Golf Channel Am TourAntigua Named Official Golf Apparel Licensee for 2011 U.S. Solheim Cup Team2011 Antigua joins the NFL family for the 2nd time. Antigua supplies uniforms to Team USA at the Solheim Cup at Kileen Castle.2012 ......


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